One of the (many) reasons that travel ticks my all my happy-boxes… is because it allows me the opportunity to experience what life is like in cities and communities that are different to mine.

I’m a people-watcher.  I’m fascinated by the vast, colourful array of human-diversity.  The ways we live, love, work, believe and behave.  If I weren’t an artist – I think I’d be a professional people-watcher of some kind.

The streets of Mombasa in Kenya were a visual feast.  We were there in early 2010 (attending a conference) – and to this day, I get a kick out of these photos (I spot something different every time!).

Obviously, these photos aren’t representative of all of Mombasa.  It’s a diverse city in a diverse country on a diverse continent.  The photos we took are mostly of downtown Mombasa – which are the areas we found the most interesting.

On the other side of the river, Mombasa looks very different (to what you see in these images).  There are also gorgeous, palm-fringed beaches… lots of grand hotels… lots of upmarket areas with beautiful, big homes.

But… I guess… we photograph what we find interesting and fascinating.  And I’m nowhere near as fascinated by the beaches and hotels as I am by downtown Mombasa and it’s people.

Here’s a snippet of what we saw…