Ways to connect!


You know how there’s diligent people in the world who are masters at keeping their friends, family and tribe’sters up to date with all their latest news and projects?

Well – alas – that’s not me.

I’m just not wired that way.  If there’s anything consistent about the way I communicate with friends, family and tribe’sters… it’s this:

I am consistently inconsistent.

I might go months (or years) without posting on Instagram – and then suddenly, I’ll be inspired to post a whole load of stuff at once.  Same is true of my blogging… same is true of newletter sending.  It all depends on the season and my mood.

So – with that in mind…

  • E-mail (see the form below). This is the best option if you have something specific to ask or share.  I check my e-mail every day.
  • Comment on my blog (I read all the blog comments.  Even the nasty ones).
  • Sign up to my blog posts (sign-up box on top right of post pages).  It’ll automatically send you an e-mail whenever I write a new post.
  • Connect with me on Instagram (I’m not or Facebook or Twitter).
  • Connect with me on Flickr (I post lots of photos there too).
  • Sign up for my not-at-all-regular newsletter (scroll to the bottom of this page)
  • Meet up in person.  I love travelling.  Love exploring.  Love connecting with like-minded people and hatching plans and ideas!

Getting in touch