The other day, a man called Mark (who should get an award for his determination) tracked me down in person – and showed up at my house to collect his own copy of my book…

Apparently – I’m a terribly difficult person to get hold of.

Mark had been browsing a copy of my book at a coffee shop.  The coffee shop in question belongs to a friend who was one of the backers of the book-printing-crowdfunding-campaign.  Of course, all backers were sent copies of the book as soon as they were printed… and hence – that is how my book ended up in a coffee shop.

So… Mark (bless his heart)… began flipping through my book whilst sipping his caffeinated beverage.  And something resonated hugely… and he decided that he wanted his own copy (and he wanted to buy a copy for somebody else).

So – Mark went off to Exclusive Books and tried to order a copy.  To no avail.

And then Mark googled me… (thankfully – I have an easy-find name on Google.  Greeks usually don’t marry xenos – so I’m the only Heather Costaras in the world).

Finally Mark discovered this “Hat” site of mine… and then couldn’t find a phone number, so he eventually filled in that “contact us” form thingy… and an e-mail pinged into my in-box… and viola!

I gave Mark my phone number (via e-mail) and he phoned, we organised to meet… he collected his books… we chatted… and he told me that I should work on the following 2 things:

  1. Make it easier for folk to get in touch with me
  2. Make it easier for folk to find/buy my book

The book-thing is still a long story.  At the moment – you can only get it from Amazon – or order it from me directly.  YES – I want it available in other places / bookshops / whatever… but… (insert long excuse-ridden-story-here).

Nonetheless… this little blog post is my attempt to rectify Mark’s first issue;  attempting to make it easier for folk to reach me.

So – here’s a run-down…in FAQ format (tee-the-hee!)…


For the past month, I’ve mostly been ill with a disgusting, snotty-sinus head cold… and I have focussed my (tiny) bit of remaining energy on one thing and one thing alone:  finishing the screenplay for our short film.  As a result, I haven’t blogged, haven’t sent out newsletters, have been embarrassingly useless at replying to emails on time (if at all), have barely touched social media (if at all)…!

Additionally… my phone broke.  So now I’m not even phone’able.


Here’s a run-down of what does and doesn’t work:

  • Facebook – folk on the Mad Hat Facebook page will have read a few sporadic whinges about my love/hate relationship with social media.  I have 2 Facebook pages – my personal page and my Mad Hat page but I usually only visit Facebook once every 3 or 4 days or so.  You could private message me on Facebook – I do see those… because they ping on my iPad on that messenger app thingy.  However – please bare with my often slow replies – especially now… since I still have a substantial e-mail backlog to work on!
  • Twitter – NEVER try to contact me via Twitter.  I am absolutely useless with Twitter!  I’m actually not even sure why I have a Twitter account because I don’t even log in to Twitter!  I have stuff on Twitter for 1 reason:  my blog automatically posts stuff to Twitter.  I apologise if you’ve ever commented or tried to reach me on Twitter.  There may well be a large folder of unread messages that I’ve never seen.  Who knows.
  • Instagram – I like Instagram because I’m a visual person… and Instagram is a cool way of creating a visual diary of sorts.  But it’s not really an easy-to-connect kinda space, is it?
  • Phone – My phone has been broken for over a week.  In order to have it replaced, I need to take it to a repair shop and ask them to write a certificate to certify it’s demise so that the insurance company will replace it.  Admin, admin, admin – (and I loathe admin!).  So… if you want to phone me or WhatsApp me… can’t be done right now.
  • Linked InBwa-ha! So, many years ago, I opened a Linked In account thingy… but never populated it with info – and later lost the password.  I still get e-mails from various folk wanting to connect on Linked In.  I NEVER visit Linked In.
  • E-mail – Probably the best (if not the only) way to reach me currently… is E-MAIL! Here’s my address:  I read my e-mail messages all the time – and throughout the course of the day.  If you have sent me an e-mail and I have NOT responded, it’s due to one of the following:
    • backlog – especially over the past 4 to 5 weeks due to sickness and script deadline
    • plain ol’ forgetfulness.  I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how many times I read a lovely e-mail and I say to myself:  “I must write back to her!  Let me just finish A, B and C – and then I’ll write back to her”.  Of course – I then completely forget – and I don’t write back. And I apologise, really I do, for this character default!  🙁
    • your mail ended up in the junk mail folder for some reason 🙁
  • Blog Comments – I DO read blog comments – also because they come to me via e-mail!  Again, there has been a bit of a delay to my comment response – (but I think I’m up to date now with that at least!)

The reason why I’m writing this long-winded post is this:  I GENUINELY do enjoy connecting with you guys!!  And I don’t want anyone to get the idea that I’m avoiding people on purpose… because I’m not.  Life just took a bit of a hectic turn…!

Okay.  Now all the “information” stuff is done… the next post I write will be (hopefully) significantly more interesting!!

Thanks for your patience, guys!!! X