Okay, TRIBE’sters…  you know who you are.  I SEE you!  I see your comments… I receive your e-mails… some of you have sent me your stories… some have sent me photos… some have sent me poems…!  Some of you – I have met in person.  Many of you have become online friends.

YOU are the peeps who get it…

You are the ones that I can just relax with… and be HAT… (and not feel as though I need to add ten-thousand flippin’ disclaimers)… because you guys GET it already.  You understand “Hat”.  You understand this… I dunno… yearning… need… to live differently.

You are the questioners, big-dreamers, out-of-the-box thinkers… who believe there is SO MUCH MORE to life than “normal”.  You’re not comfortable with this whole status-quo thing.  You’re not comfortable with the idea that One-Size-Fits-All.

You’re journey-people… searchers… questioners…

And – like me – you’re DONE with The-Done-Thing.

And you also know that life is short and precious and beautiful.  And what a great and terrible pity it would be to waste said short, precious life on bland-mundane’ness, “surviving”, “getting-by”, “making-do”, hoop-jumping, box-ticking and trying to live up to endless…. life-sucking… expectations.

You have a different understanding of what the world calls “success”.  For you – success is not defined in terms of what you own, what you earn, what you wear or how you look…  it is sooooo much deeper than that.

We have a lot in common – us TRIBE‘sters.

Let’s collaborate!  Let’s journey together!  Let’s help each-other out.  Let’s brainstorm.  Let’s share art, ideas, resources… and connections.   Perhaps I can share YOUR work and your art with my circles…  perhaps you can help me get my book out there (since I pretty-much SUCK at all things marketing / selling / PR, etc).  Perhaps you have connections that you could plug me in to (and vice versa).  Perhaps we can organise a tour… an event… a something in your part of the world (have passport, will travel)….?

I dunno….

I don’t have all the answers all neatly lined up.  I don’t know how this could all look…

But – I am a journey-person… and I love collaborating and connecting with like-minded peeps… and I’m thinking:  how can we journey together … how can I help you??

Tribe’sters… you know who you are.

Ask me questions.  Send suggestions.  Whatevs.  Drop me an e-mail (heather@themadhat.co.za) … or reply to this blog post… let’s get plotting!

Hat X