Anyway… so, as I mentioned in my previous post…  I’ve been a bit under-the-weather for the past week-and-a-bit.

Nothing serious…  just a nasty cold mixed with a bit of a tummy bug.  Lots of snot, coughing, phlegm, sinus headaches, stomach cramps… and running to the loo.  Enough to keep me miserable and bed-ridden for both of our precious Nick-Days (which really sucked)…  and enough to substantially limit any form of productivity this week.

I hate feeling sick.  I don’t like it when my body isn’t able to do (whatever I want it to do… or go wherever I want it to go).  I feel helpless and frustrated when there are limitations placed upon my choices and my lifestyle… simply because my body isn’t feeling strong enough to accomplish the task at hand.

Case in point:  we got bikes!

Cape Town… and especially here on the Peninsula… is bike-town… and horse-town… and dog-lovers town… and people-who-go-jogging town.  Let’s just say that the folk who live here are very outdoorsy (it’s almost unheard of to be otherwise)… and, as a result, there’s loads of bike-friendly and horse-friendly roads and trails and things to do.

The kids have long outgrown their bikes (the old ones were donated last year some time)… and they’ve been super-eager to go bike-riding around the Noordhoek neighbourhood.

So… we went and purchased bikes for the kids… and a grown-up bike (which I’ve named Mavis) for me (which Nick will share on weekends when he’s here).

Now, trust me, I’m not under any delusions.  I am NOT physically fit and buff like the pro cyclists in all of their matching gear who whiz en-masse over Chapman’s Peak every weekend.  I am NOT planning to cycle Chapman’s Peak (or any mountain pass) in the near future… and if you saw Mavis, you’d understand.  Mavis isn’t a fancy, new mountain bike or road-racer.  Mavis is a granny bike!  A lovely, retro, granny bike!  She just needs a wicker basket and an old-fashioned bell!

My plans for Mavis is to cycle the tree-lined country lanes of Noordhoek… and to stop for picnics with the kids.  Mavis will visit Slips-Slops Cafe… where the kids will play on the big buoy and I will enjoy a generous cappuccino.  Mavis will visit the Noordhoek Famers Market – where I’ll purchase locally produced cheese, onion marmalade and freshly baked loaves of seed bread.  Mavis will visit the resident horses in their paddocks… Mavis will lead the kids down gentle, quiet roads on trips to the beach.

Here’s a photo of Mavis:

bike 3

… and I have been super-keen to ride Mavis!

But this blasted sickness has made it impossible!

Just climbing the stairs (to get from our car to our front door) has my burning lungs wheezing… and I feel so weak I need to rest (this, obviously, is NOT the case when I’m healthy!  I manage the stairs just fine!)…  so – the option of carrying Mavis down all those stairs… going on a ride… carrying the bike back up (whilst feeling so bloody rotten) – is just NOT gonna happen.

And so – I just have to just stare mournfully at this beautiful, brand new bike – which I have not yet had the opportunity to ride (not even ONCE!)… while I impatiently attempt to cure myself with rest,  orange juice, vitamins and broth.

(If I’m not significantly better my Monday, I shall reluctantly haul myself off to the doctor for the antibiotics)…

Anyway… just a quick update before I settle down to watch a movie.

Chat later…