These two videos give you some idea about our belief system and our shared disdain for rampant consumerism, in-your-face advertising around every corner and our society’s ever-increasing need to acquire more stuff.

I’m not American, and both of these videos speak from an American perspective… but there’s a lot of down-to-earth logic in what they’re saying… and I believe that most people in our demographic (certainly most people in my circle of friends, family & colleagues) … (and obviously, I include myself here)… could do with a lot less STUFF – and a lot more QUALITY of life… and the things that truly matter!

Here goes:


And here’s the other one:


The Story of Stuff has a great website – full of other fascinating videos and a whole bunch of interesting tips and ideas to change things around.  They do it in a fun, interesting way (it’s definitely not a doom-and-gloom kind of site!).