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“I can’t explain the emotions your story and your illustrations provoke.  Powerful stuff.  It’s not every day that my husband tears up while reading a book”


“Your story and your poem hit me in the heart and reached my soul.  I burst into tears as I read your words because it resonated so deeply.  My sobbing, uncontrollable, as I considered all the people trapped in society’s ‘norm’.  You must get this message out!”


“I am a fellow outcast – rediscovering myself in a big, scary world.  Thank-you, oh thank-you for finding yourself and sharing your story”


“I feel overwhelmed.  I just wanted to say how beautiful your book is and to thank you from those of us still trying to break free.  You are a gift”


“Tears.  Love it.  Couldn’t feel more this way.  Grew up in foster homes.  Stifled the artist.  Never felt like I fit in.  Still don’t.  Still searching for the courage to be me.  Thank-you.”


“Wow.  I’ve just read that and cried.  This is me, and I’ve been told so many of the same things.  I am trying to dig myself out of ‘normal’.  You do what you do for ALL of us”


“Your poem is beautiful.  It captured my heart and my mind.  I want to have your books around for myself and as a reminder to allow my children to be the ‘Hats’ that they are”


“I’m spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to get my ‘HAT’ness’ back and trying to understand how I lost it in the first place.  I now have a little boy and I don’t want him to lose sight of his dreams as I lost sight of mine”


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