My first book… is a quirky, illustrated story-about-my-life… told as a poem… and intended for grown-ups. 

Children can read it too if they want (parental guidance suggested for readers younger than 10)… but the book wasn’t intended as a children’s book.

The book is about how I lost myself… my MUCH’ness... my ME’ness… because I was trying so bloody hard to fit in and be normal.  And it’s about the impact that those decisions had on me… and (happily)… it’s about how I found myself again (decades later).   And how I learned to embrace and accept my unique’ness (exactly as I am – warts ‘n all)… and how I learned to take off my fake “I’m-fine” masks, step out of the shadows – and BE who I really am.

You can preview the first couple of pages by clicking here.

Creating this book changed my life.  Seriously.  The very process of writing and illustrating this story awakened me to my purpose and passions in ways that I could never have imagined.

To everyone who has supported this project thus far – THANK YOU!  Your support and encouragement mean the world to me… xx

heather costaras

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