Earlier this year (2016) I went through an intense (and unexpected) season of transformation… sparked by the writing and filming of our short film, Starry Night.

Before that, I had not attempted any kind of large-scale art… any kind of contemporary art… nothing.

I had only been working on small illustrations… and even that – I had only been doing since 2009 (my book explains why).  I considered myself an illustrator or a scribbler.  But I thought that “real art” best be left to the “real artists” out there – and for a whole tangled nest of reasons… I did not consider myself a “real artist”.

When those internal floodgates broke earlier this year… stuff began to POUR out of me.

I attacked walls… old wooden doors… scraps of wood… anything I could find.  I attacked them with paint and knives and hammers and wire and oil pastels… and I released decades-worth of pent-up, frustrated, stifled creative energy on a couple of unsuspecting surfaces around our home.

The first completed pieces were these 3 – a triptych – created on thick pieces of wood.  Here’s a breakdown

Diamond in the Rough

This first piece is about my experiences in school and college – my experiences with my so-called ‘education’… and all the voices that told me when I was so young and so impressionable… that art was just something superfluous and silly.  And that I should focus on getting a “real job”.  And that my creative passions were unimportant and unnecessary.   Rather, they were something that should be set aside lest it hinder me from what I should be doing.

In the centre of the swirling, dark vortex of voices, instructions, expectations and rules… there remains a small diamond.  That – somehow – survived all that darkness… and survives still.

Emancipation from the Expectation

The second painting is about my escape from all the boxes… the moulds… the expectations placed upon my life by other people.  How I ought to live… what I should believe… how I should behave… what I should aspire towards.  This painting is about exploding out of those restraints and escaping…


The final painting is a self portrait.  I’ve used pewter, wire and silver oil paint to represent the “shining” part.  The pewter and silver deliberately flows from the exploded box of the 2nd painting… into the mouth of the 3rd.  The idea is that my time has now come to shine.

3 paintings in one

All 3 paintings hang in my house at the moment.  I’m not sure what to do with them – especially since we’re planning on moving soon.  I’m not represented by galleries or art agents – and I wouldn’t even know where to begin in getting my paintings out there.

For now… they remain in my home:  a daily reminder of how far I’ve come.