I’m deeply inspired by natural beauty.

When we travel… I love-love-love staying at places that are surrounded by natural beauty.  I love waking up to a beautiful, inspiring view… whether it’s the sea, mountains, lakes, forests, vineyards – it just does something to my soul.  It nurtures something deep inside of me.

When we (eventually) decide to settle down and buy another house – I have 1 major requirement:  it needs to be somewhere beautiful!

Here’s some flowy scribbles and sketches inspired by nature….

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And, since we’re on the topic of inspiring, happy things… here’s a list of my favourites:

  • Flower:  protea
  • Tree:  anything huge with a wide canopy of evergreen leaves
  • Weather:  cool and slightly overcast
  • Time of Day:  dusk
  • Wild Animal:  all of the big cats
  • Bird:  sun birds and hummingbirds
  • Bug:  praying mantis
  • Reptile:  chameleon
  • Desert or Forest:  definitely forest… or even jungle.  The more trees, the more water (whether sea, rivers, streams, lakes)… the happier I am.  Oh – and shade.  I need shade – I hate baking in the sun!

Here’s some nature photos I’ve taken over the past few years: