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How Heather got her HAT’ness back (Paperback Edition)

This is a clone of my original book – the only difference being that this version is printed and shipped by Amazon (and does not pass through my hands at all).

This is probably the best option for my international readers (since I still need to obtain an exporters licence in order to automate this website to ship my books to international customers).

If you reside in South Africa, however, you can bypass Amazon and order directly from me (it’s cheaper too 🙂).



Because I’m a self-published author  – I use Amazon’s print-on-demand service as a tool to print and distribute my work.

What I like about Amazon – is that once I’ve uploaded my artwork… they do everything!  They print the book, ship the book, receive payment, handle returns and refunds.

As a creator – this is a huge relief;  I want to create… not be bogged down by the endless admin of selling, promoting and shipping my creations.

I receive a small royalty for every book sold on Amazon.  To give you an idea, I receive $2.13 when someone buys my hardcover book on Amazon (for $23.50).

(That $2.13 is reduced even further by tax deductions and bank fees).

So yes… the royalty is minuscule but hey, it’s passive income! 😃 And sure, it may only be a teensy trickle… but hopefully – if there’s enough teensy-trickles, I may eventually have a stream!

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