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FODDER (first edition)

Creative Miscellany for Thinkers, Dreamers & Questioners:  212 full-colour pages of original art, illustrations, photos, stories, lists, rants, quotes, ideas, ponderings, paintings, poetry, ‘toons, songs and so much more…

I created this book in 2016 – and had so much fun putting it together.  However – I soon found out that 212 full-colour pages is a very expensive thing to print for us self-published creators (especially if I were to use Amazon’s print-on-demand services)!  The price that Amazon wanted to charge my customers (for a printed copy) kinda put a swift end to all my rose-tinted visions of customers paging through their freshly-printed copies of Fodder!

So… I put the PDF version online (on Gumroad) – and that’s where you can find it today!

 I offer this PDF version for free…. because I understand lots of folk are broke… but if you can afford to contribute ‘something’… I’d be super-grateful!

If you want to see a video “page-through” of Fodder… click on the “description” button below.

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