So… I have just spent the past hour writing a long-winded blog post... explaining my absence and what I’ve been doing over the last couple of months and blah, blah, blah….

Then… my computer went on the fritz, I lost internet connection and that long-winded post vanished into thin air!!!

I just can’t bring myself to re-write the bloody thing… because I’m now irritable with an achy-back… and I need to fetch children, curtains and washing powder.

In the meantime…  here’s a video page-through of the new book.

It’s called FODDER:  Creative Miscellany for Thinkers, Dreamers & Questioners.

214 full-colour pages of random HAT’ness… (make of it what you will).


I’ll write a long-winded post about it later… once I’m in a better mood.

I’ll also post links where you can download a free PDF copy… or where to buy a hard copy (regardless of where you live).  There’s a hard-copy available on Amazon at the moment… but it’s super-expensive… and I’ve managed to half the price by using another print-on-demand company.  Will post properly soon-soon….

Big hug from me!