First…  here’s a song & little drawing I made yesterday (sing to the tune of doe a deer).

The One-day-when song

Secondly… I had a lovely mail plop in to my in-box from somebody who bought a couple copies of my book.  Here’s what she said:

“When your book arrived, my friend/assistant Nila was in the office and we paged through it together – both of us getting all emotional.  Well, that was a few months ago.  Nila had such a good response to your book that I gave her a copy of it for her birthday in December.  She was over the moon.

And so life continued… with lots of talk about the Universe and Meaning and Change and Faith and so on.  She and her husband are the loveliest couple – both really kind, good, decent people who have worked their butts off for many years.  They’ve renovated homes, made a bit of money on each project… but they are constantly driven to perform – and they totally forgot how to BE.

She came to me a week ago and told me how they have decided to change their lives.  They’ve been in rented accommodation for 6 weeks after selling their house very suddenly and having to move out within 2 weeks.  They’ve been much closer to work, they’ve had no projects to do… so they’ve had time to SIT and THINK and DREAM and SCHEME.

And they’ve decided to pack up and move to Ireland!  Next month.

She said that for her – one of the major turning points was your book!  She remembered how she used to be… and she revisited her ‘old’ self – and found that she wants less responsibility and more adventure!  How flipping cool is that?!!

So – thank you from me and from them… for sharing your story!”

Oh, happy day!

I love receiving that kind of feedback in the mail!

And I LOVE hearing stories of folk who:

  1. Truly think about… and question… the current state of their lives.
  2. Dream about the possibilities and ask themselves what they really want to do – and where they really want to be… and (importantly) who they really are…
  3. Take action (even if baby steps) – to get them towards those goals.

Life is precious and short!

Don’t just “drift”... “survive”… “get-by”… “make-do”.  Take teeny-tiny baby steps (or big leaps if you’re brave)… to get you towards the place where you REALLY want to be!

PS:  I need to do exactly the same thing, by the way!  I have come really far… but I have definitely not “arrived”.  Right now – I’ve been deep in the Questioning & Journalling process of figuring out where-to-next….?  Now that I have re-claimed my HAT’ness – and I have embraced who I am… I’m still trying to grasp a “clearer” vision of what I want to DO… and how I want to contribute to the Greater Good… whilst still doing what I love (and yes – earning some kind of living!!)…

Lots of pondering going on in the Hat-home at the mo’….

Anyhoo… a quick post today… (well – quick’sh….!!) x