So – (insert gasp of amazement here!)… I finally made a video!

I made it on my old, slow iPad with the cracked screen… but – there you go!  A video… made by me!  I must admit – I am incentivised to make more videos… and I would go to great lengths to acquire one of those big iPad Pro’s with the Apple Pencil thingy… (so I can draw lots of digital art on Procreate – and experiment with more videos)… BUT – in order to afford such lustable goodies… I first need to um… make some actual money… (so if you haven’t yet purchased my book – pretty-please – do!)

Anyhoo… this little vid is a quick browse through my first art journal (the one I mentioned in my last post… the one where I first began questioning the direction my life was taking – and journalling my responses to those questions)…

Important thing to know about Art Journals:

There is no “right” way to create an art journal.  It’s not about right or wrong… and there’s no such thing as “mistakes”.  Art journals are not like scrapbooks (made for the purpose of sharing your photos and memories with others).  Art journals are for YOU – and you alone.  It’s a place where you can kinda… pour yourself out... on to paper.  It’s a place where you can process what’s going on in your life and your head.   It’s a place where you can question… dream… ponder… rant… and express yourself authentically (and without any editing) – because you don’t have to worry about what others will say or think.  Others don’t get to see your art journal (unless – like me – you choose to share it).  But art journals aren’t for other people – they’re for YOU.

If you’re on Pinterest, I have a collection of about 500 photos of different journals and sketchbooks.  It’s nice to browse through – even if only to marvel at the variety of ways that people express themselves creatively.

Also – for those of you who struggle with the perfectionism thing, that I-don’t-know-what-to-do, what-if-I-make-a-mistake? paralysis when faced with an empty journal page – Keri Smith’s “Wreck this Journal”  could be a fabulous tool for you.

You can buy her journal (off Amazon or in most big bookstores) – and every page offers a new prompt to make a deliberate mess – and to… well… wreck the journal.

I’ve never had a problem wrecking journals or making big, fat creative messes… so I’ve never worked through Keri’s journal myself – but I DO think it would be a fab tool for folk who struggle with perfection-paralysis.

Here’s a few more random art-journal pages of mine…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On a separate note…

IMG_2593I would love to connect with anyone who can help me sell my book or get it “out there”.  As most of you already know – when I try to do this stuff myself, I get stressed and depressed – which in turn has me consoling myself with jars of Nutella and refusing to draw.

Obviously – my MUCH’ness doesn’t lie in the area of sales, marketing and PR… but – if you are someone who is good at that kind of thing – and if you can help me – I’d love to hear from you.

I would also love to know how one gets past the formidable gatekeepers in order to get one’s work considered by literary agents and international book distributors.  Friends in high places, anyone??

There’s a guy in London that wrote and illustrated a couple of cute children’s books about a bear and his red hat.  Now – the London-based company that published his work (and had it distributed world-wide – which is how I ended up with my copy)… has also opened the door for a musical-theatre production of his bear book.  I am SO jealous of that!

I would be in my utmost element if I had the go-ahead (and the funds) to create a musical theatre production of “How Heather got her HAT’ness back”.  It would tick every single creative-Hatty-box of mine!

But – of course – I have no idea how to even connect with “those” kinds of people.  Have (British & South African) passports – will travel!!  And will happily post free copies of my book to the right people who will actually read it – and not just label it “unsolicited” and toss it in the recycling bin without even opening it.

But jeeeeeez… when it comes to getting ones foot in the proverbial door – it really is about “who” you know, isn’t it?

Anyhoo – I’m in a good mood today because I have just finished a little poster which I’ll share with you guys and make available for download tomorrow or the day after.

Okay – signing off… x