For those of you who know me well, you’ll know that I’m a Generator-of-Ideas.

New ideas pop in my head ALL the time.  This is no exaggeration.  I struggle to focus and, at times, struggle to sleep because of all the ideas churning around inside my noggin.

There are a gazillion things I want to do.

Different projects I want to work on.  Books I want to write and illustrate.  Courses I want to design.  Films I want to make.  Songs I want to sing.  Talks I want to give.  Vlogs I want to create.  Poems I want to write.  Places I want to visit.  People I want to connect with.  Creative workshops I want to design and host.  Concepts I want to grasp.  Books I want to read.  Stuff I want to learn and understand.  Stories I want to listen to (and tell).

On and on it goes… just one Hat-Life… and a gazillion things that I want to try and squeeze in to that one-Hat-Life!!

And – of course – there’s my family… and my home… and the on-OUR-terms lifestyle we’ve been building for the past couple years… and a gazillion more ideas surrounding all that!

Clearly – I am in need of clarity!

And (for my own sanity) – I need to learn how to prioritise all these ideas and create some kind of manageable production-line.

What’s most important?  What’s the least important?  What needs to be worked on right now?  What can wait in the wings for a bit?

Which direction do I go in first?

HOW do I prioritise what’s most important?

A couple of years ago… I remember hearing somebody explain the difference between a belief and a core value. 

It looks like this:

If I say that I believe that it’s important to eat healthily and to exercise… then it’s a belief – but – not necessarily a core value.  It’s only a core value when I live my life according to that value.  When I actually DO eat healthily every day… and I actually DO exercise.  Then it’s a core value.  It’s not just talk.  It’s something that’s deeply integral to the person I am… so much so – that I LIVE the principle more than TALK about the principle.

PS:  Clearly healthy eating and daily exercise remain well-meaning beliefs of mine… but not core-values.  Today I have quaffed only caffeine and seed bars.  And I can’t remember the last time I deliberately set out to exercise my body.


So – I remember this guy (the one that told us about beliefs vs. core values) telling us that core values were really helpful things to figure out – if you wanted to learn how to prioritise your dreams and goals.  Core values can be used as beacons… and once you’ve figured out your core values – it’s easier to prioritise goals!

So – with that in mind… I have been thinking about – and writing about – some of my core values.  And I thought I’d share my processing scribbles with you:

Hat's core value 1

Hat's core values 2

Snapseed (1)

Snapseed (2)

Snapseed (3)

Snapseed (4)

Snapseed (5)

Snapseed (6)

PS:  Feel free to share your core values with me… and also – if you have any wise words of wisdom regarding how to prioritise gazillions of ideas… I’m all ears!