Hopefully – if I have done this right… the peeps who followed my “Living Differently” blog have now been successfully migrated to my new site.  Hopefully… if you’re a blog subscriber – you’ll have received – as usual – an e-mail in your inbox with this post… and if you click on it – it will take you to THIS Mad-Hat site… and not the old “Living Differently” site.

This is NEW territory for me!  I have never built a website from scratch on wordpress.org before now… and I have certainly never attempted to export a very large blog site (with hundreds of posts – and hundreds of photos) on to an entirely new site… without losing anyone during the transition!

So – please-please…  send feedback!

Can you guys see this site?  Does it easily redirect you from the old “Living Differently” site?  Does it look dodgy and/or strange on your iPad or phone?  Do you still get the mail sent to your inbox?  Are there any glitches and weird things happening that need my attention??

And – yup – this is my new Mad Hat website.  As you can see – it is a work-in-progress.  There is SO MUCH MORE that I still want to (and need to) include.  There are also a number of old blog posts that didn’t import (ugh!)… some photos that were dropped along the way (ugh!!)… old links that will take you back to the Living Differently site instead of keep you on this site (extra-ugh!!)…

So – please be patient with me as I work through each one of these issues… and guys… (especially the TRIBE’sters… you know who you are!)… please have a browse-through – and let me know about any dodgy things so I can fix it!!

I’m going to spend much of December trying to make this site WORK the way I want it to work!  I want to get the store up and running (so people can order the signed, personalised Hat book with a few easy clicks).  I want to create a little podcast thingy (Lara – you gave me that idea)… I want to collaborate with other artist & folk around the world (who are living against the flow… and embracing their MUCH’ness… and doing what they love… and freeing themselves from expectations and the status quo) – and I’d like to explore ideas of how we can support each other – support each other’s art and ideas…(Giselle – thank-you!  This is an idea you gave me)… and I want to organise Hat-Happenings & events in different cities… and creative workshops (both online and in-the-flesh)… and there’s sooooooo much more….

But – first – I just wanted to announce my VERY new…  nowhere-near-complete… website – www.themadhat.co.za

This is where you’ll find me from now on.  Lots of love!!