As most of you already know, I have written and illustrated a book called “How Heather got her HAT’ness back” – which is currently in the final-final stages of production – and should (if all goes according to plan) be printed by the end of August.

As I’ve gone through the motions of crowdfunding… and promoting… and chatting about the book, I have connected with a lot of people – and a couple of you have asked me a couple of questions.

And a couple of those questions have been asked again and again, like these:

  • “HOW did you get your HAT’ness back and find yourself again?”
  • “HOW did you stop shaming your body?”
  • “HOW did you lose all that weight?”
  • “HOW did you escape the rat-race?”
  • “HOW do you educate your kids differently?”
  • “HOW did you get out of debt?”

And I have a lot to say about those things (and many other things).  A LOT!

So – being the perfectionist, all-or-nothing person that I am…  I collected a mountain of resources to share with you:  stories, tips, advice, inspiring books, articles, blogs, links & quotes… strategies that had helped me… pondertunities… creative exercises… photos, art, ideas… (and a gazillion other things)…

And I began to compile colourful resource-zines and creative-courses that I wanted to share with you…

… but…

… because it wasn’t all PERFECT… and because I haven’t really had the time to create a PERFECT thing to share with you guys… I didn’t share ANY of it – at all (did I mention that I have a problem with the All-or-Nothing mentality…?)

And so… all that content… all those stories… all that (potentially helpful) information… has been stacked in a giant filing cabinet – and NOT shared (even though it could prove really helpful to some folk)… because… (sigh)… I haven’t deemed it to be “ready” (read: perfect enough) to share with you.

So… today – I say:  No more!

Starting from today – I am going to share a series of pretty intense blog posts that will each contain the following:

  • My story and experience (surrounding a specific topic or issue)
  • Photos & Art
  • Creative exercises & ideas
  • Pondertunities (questions & thoughts for YOU to ponder too)
  • Tips, links & resources to the stuff that helped ME.

The posts won’t be “perfect”.

But – that’s probably a good thing.

I’m kinda done with trying to be perfect anyway….

PS:  Feedback appreciated!  And especially if you have any particular questions or topics you’d like me to address!

Hat x