Here’s one of my songs.

Maybe one day, I’ll sing it to you.  🙂

I’m sitting in the corner booth of a crowded, franchised coffee bar…

I can hear the conversations of the patrons passing through

There are four old ladies talking ’bout the things that mean the most to them:

soap opera plots and cooking pots and how to make good stew

And they talk about the price of peas, and how to oust a stain with ease

and the children they no longer see and the husbands they once knew

And the “silly” dreams they once embraced, adventure that they never tasted,

talent and potential wasted… and that was when I knew:  

I don’t want that to be me

I am stuck here in a traffic jam in the morning rush-hour drive…

and I can see the drivers next to me, they barely seem alive

as they perform their daily duties and they hustle for their pay

so they can pay the debt they owe the bank and last another day…

and they go to work in cubicles while wearing suit and tie…

and they make the wealthy richer while their passions slowly die…

and they drown their woes on weekends and numb away the pain…

and I have seen this all before, because my life was once the same  

(and I don’t want that to be me)

I am witnessing the funeral of a relative who died so unexpectedly and tragically…

we’re here to say goodbye

And as the eulogies are read and all the people bow their heads,

I know that we will soon forget about his… life

And is that all that we were meant to be?  A blip of mediocrity?

An antiquated memory in an overcrowded cemetery?

I don’t believe that’s how it’s meant to be… I think there’s more than what we see… I want to leave a legacy….

’cause I don’t want that to be me!

© 2013 Heather Costaras