As I type this… I’m sitting on the shady porch of the home of some very dear friends.

Their porch overlooks a beautiful, green, tropical garden and a sparkling pool – watched over by twin palms.  It’s the ideal garden for kids.  There’s a fort, a playhouse, a trampoline and a swing.

Their home is nestled in one of Joburg’s large, green suburbs.  There are toys, puzzles, books, bikes, games… and Chester-the-Dog, always eager for a game of Chase or Fetch.  Morgan and Joah have been thoroughly enjoying long, sunny days of swimming and fun with their two little friends, Matt and Erin.  The kids have been in the pool every day since we left the “Polar Vortex” in the United States and landed smack in the “Solar Vortex” of South Africa (Nick’s pun – not mine).

As for me, I’ve been happily enjoying the shady porch, the content purring of Sam-the-cat, the birdsong in the garden, cups of freshly brewed coffee and the interesting (and cherished) company of our friends, Rogan and Tracey.

The Kelsey’s have chosen a different life to ours… and they walk a different path.   They’re not nomads.  They’re not homeschoolers.  They have different goals and priorities than ours.

And, you know what?  I absolutely… 100%… support, value and respect them in their decisions and their lifestyle choices.   It’s their life… not mine.  I don’t expect or want them to think the same as us… to live the same as us… to find value in the same places where we find value.

Because there’s no one Right way to do life.  What’s right for us won’t necessarily be right for our friends.  What’s right for our friends won’t necessarily be right for us.

If you’ve been a long-time follower of this blog, you’ll probably know… by now… who I am, what I stand for – and how I would like to live my life.  You possibly know what’s important to me – and what’s not important to me.

You probably know that I’m not a fan of the public school system… that I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to religion… that I’m interested in the ideas of peaceful anarchy… that I’ve disengaged from the Rat-Race… that I have issues with advertising and runaway consumerism… that I’m an introvert who dreads the small-talk at parties… (but who loves to engage on a deep level with thinkers and questioners)…

You probably know that – as a family – we’ve rented out our home in Johannesburg to the geeks of Dee-Twenty… that we got rid of most of our possessions… that we got rid of most of the debt (and try to keep it that way)… that we now live as nomads – following the work of Nick’s films and – in-between projects – we travel and explore new places.  You probably know that we “road-school” the kids… and that Nick and I are both able to generate an income with laptops and an internet connection.

But – this is how WE choose to live OUR lives.

And – in all likelihood – it’s probably not how YOU would like to live YOUR life.

And that is perfectly okay with me!  I love diversity!  I love that the people of the world are different.  I love that everyone has different passions, different ideals, different beliefs and different dreams.  I love this.  Please don’t get me wrong and assume that because this blog is focussed very much on OUR ideals… on our passions… on our beliefs (including the occasional rant about this or that)… please don’t think that I scorn the choices of others.

I do not believe that there is one right way to live life… one right way to educate one’s children… one right version of success… one right kind of happiness.

Your version of success may be very different to mine.  And I celebrate that.  I really do.

I am not offended by the choices that other people have made for their lives.  Whether it’s your big dream to climb the corporate ladder… or to start your own business… or to nest in suburbia… or to live in a remote cabin and grow your own veggies and bottle your own jam – hey, enjoy!  Do what you love!  Maybe you’re a nomad (like us)… or maybe you prefer the comfort of routine and the security of living in a place where you’re understood and known.

Seriously – it’s none of my business how you choose to live your life.  It’s YOUR life… live it the way you want!

If this blog stands for anything… if there’s only one area where I’d like to encourage you – or challenge you… it’s this:  Live deliberately!  Live on purpose!  Make up your mind about what you WANT… and then take deliberate steps towards the life you really want for yourself and your family.

And, it’s a journey, by the way.  None of us have “arrived” at some kind of magical happiness destination.  Life is a journey.  There’s peaks… and valleys… and rivers… and mud… and thorns… and beautiful vistas… and meadows… and… and… and…

Right now, as a family… we’re in a happy place.  We’re enjoying the fruits of our labour.  We’re loving the view.  We’re excited about the road ahead.  But – there’s still a road… nonetheless.  We haven’t “arrived”.  And neither have you.

The mindset that I kick against the most (and that frustrates me enormously)… is the drifting mindset.  The folk who just drift along in life and allow life to happen to them.  The people who just sigh… and say:  “Oh well… I guess we just have to survive” or “I guess we’ll just get by and make do” or “I guess we’ll just be miserable-miseries for the rest of our days and then grow old and die!”

I really struggle to get that mindset.  To me, it seems like such a waste.  Life is short!  Life is precious!  The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying point powerfully what’s really important.

If I want anything for you – the reader of this post – it’s this:  Live deliberately!  Live on purpose!  And don’t put the keys to your happiness in someone else’s pocket!

Other than that… go in peace – and live in whichever way works best for you and for your family.

And I shall do likewise.