So… after 7 days at Disney World… and a day at the Kennedy Space Centre… and some down-time with friends in Titusville, we drove back to Orlando, settled in to a La Quinta Inn… and spent 2 full days visiting Universal Studios’ two theme parks.

Universal is a little bit different to Disney.  I think it’s aimed more at the grown-up’s.  It’s not as cutesy… not as sugar-and-spice-and-all-things-nice… and there are a number of very impressive rides (that many kids – including Joah – are simply too small to ride on).  This, by the way, caused a fair amount of tears.  Especially because Joah couldn’t wait to ride the “big” rides – and when he was denied entrance to The Hulk (which turned out to be Nick’s favourite ride), he dissolved into a puddle of tears.

There were many stellar rides at Universal that the kids could go on… including the (incredible) Spiderman ride, the Minion Mayhem ride, the Transformers ride… and many more.  But the big coasters were mostly the domain of the adults.

As usual – my favourite thing was the brilliant production design.  I just drank in the awesomeness and the creativity of the different, themed “lands”.  Here’s a few pics…






Anyway…  I’m not going to go into fine detail about the parks and every ride.  It’s just one of those things that can’t really be understood or described properly… it has to be seen and experienced to be believed!  (and besides, there are a gazillion blogs out there aimed at dissecting and explaining every inch of Disney and Universal).

In a nutshell:

  • It was fun.
  • It was a creative masterpiece.
  • The kids loved it.
  • It was expensive.
  • The food was pretty average (and very over-priced).

It was an experience that I’m very glad we had… no regrets… very happy we went… a fun investment of our money…  we created loads of lovely photos and memories…  but – like Disney – we probably won’t be back any time soon.

Here’s a few more pics: