We have been planning and preparing for this for months… years!  And finally…. (finally!!!)… the debts have been paid… the stuff has been purged… the house has been rented… the sentimentals have been stored away… our plane tickets are booked and paid for… our luggage is packed… and we are leaving tomorrow.

And do I feel excited?


I feel exhausted.  And I feel drained.  And I feel… a bit… indifferent.  In fact, I could barely pack the luggage today.  All I really wanted to do was… sleep!

This irritates me.

A lot.

I was expecting to be leaping up and down with undiluted glee…  I mean:  we are about to hop on a plane and launch the nomadic life that we have wanted… and dreamed of… for SO LONG!!!  And we have worked so hard for this!

Surely I should have butterflies in my stomach?

Surely I should be feeling like a little child, waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve?

Surely I should be giddy with joy?  Babbling with excitement?  Grinning like a manic Cheshire cat?

But nope.

All I feel like is… bed.  And sleep.  Lots and lots of uninterrupted sleep.

And so that’s what I’m going to do right now:  sleep.

If there are any travelling families out there who have experienced the same thing – I would love to hear from you!  Is this dead-pan, indifferent, exhausted response normal?  Do other people feel so “blah” before they embark on a spectacular adventure that they’ve been looking forward to for… like… ever?