I’m in denial.


Flat-out… all-out… denial.

I think it’s because we’ve been waiting… and waiting… and waiting… for the time when we can finally live this dream… to travel… and live nomadically… and now that it’s almost here, I’m in denial that it’s even happening.  I’m living in some kind of eerie this-can’t-possibly-be-my-life world… and I’m deliberately avoiding the MOUNTAIN of stuff that needs to be done before we go.

Here are the facts:  we leave Johannesburg on the 14th of November.

We fly away on Emirates Air.  Gone!

That flight will leave… with or without us.

That flight will leave in 45 sleeps… otherwise known as:  a month and a half.

Before that time, I need to organise and complete the following (brace yourself):

  • US visas for the kids (the website says that if the parents have US visas… and if the kids are travelling with the parents… this should be a relatively easy undertaking.  However, it all smacks of admin – and how I loathe admin!)
  • International drivers licenses for us.
  • Purchase Tuff-Floor tiles for our 2 newly renovated bathrooms – and install them before the Geek tenants move in on the 1st of November.
  • One of the toilets in our newly renovated bathroom has sprung a leak thanks to a broken seal. I need to arrange for the plumber to come and repair it.
  • Rotting wood outside (used to be an old balcony) needs to be chopped off and neatly varnished before tenants move in on the 1st.
  • We have 3 approaching birthday parties – and I need to buy presents.
  • New alarm system needs to be installed before the 1st (need to get quotes from Chubb and ADT).
  • The pile of acoustic fibre-glass, languishing in our driveway, needs to be collected by my mother who has coveted it.  And it needs to be collected BEFORE it starts raining and it all starts to rot.
  • Nick’s dad’s car with the leaking water tank needs to be repaired and returned to it’s rightful home.
  • Joel’s broken scooter (which Nick had the accident on and which has been living in our driveway for the last couple of months) needs to somehow find it’s way to Rogan’s house (and I’m not sure how this will happen – since it’s currently broken).
  • I would like a decent hair cut before we go.
  • The kids both need a hair cut too.
  • We have no luggage.  All our luggage is old… with broken zips and busted wheels.  We need new luggage.
  • I need to dig up my snow coat…  it was bagged up and buried within the bowels of our home years ago… and now that I need it, I can’t find it (story of my life).
  • I need a pair of closed-toe shoes (that will look nice with tights and a dress)… since we’re walking straight into Winter-Wonderland… and all I have are slip-slops and/or huge, furry, sheep-skin-lined boots.
  • I also need to buy socks.
  • I need to install 2 toilet roll holders… and a curtain rail (in the cottage)… and I need to install blinds on 3 windows (in the house).
  • I want to buy some prezzies and goodies for our American friends.
  • The kids have no Winter clothes (and all the Summer clothes are now in the stores… with zero Winter clothes to be found!  I should have watched out for end-of-Winter sales… but, of course, I didn’t).  The kids have a single warm hat between them (may have to pick up some hopefully-not-too-expensive Winter woolies once we get to DC).
  • I need to pack up our ENTIRE HOUSE… and store it all in big plastic tubs… in our storage room.   Ideally, MOST of the *stuff* needs to be purged.  Either donated to charity or thrown away.  I only want to pack & store the sentimental goodies… my favourite books… and the things we really love.   The house needs to be neat, clean and empty on the 1st November!
  • Repair the cracked screen on the i-Pad.
  • Back up the laptop.  Leave the hard-drives somewhere safe.
  • Sort out the travel & health insurance.
  • There’s a small mountain of stuff (including the kid’s bikes) that need to be delivered to my mother’s place.
  • I need to order and collect a new VISA card – since I mistakenly left mine in the ATM and it got swallowed and cancelled.
  • I want some Body Shop Body Butter (it is the ONLY cream that seems to do the job on our super-dry skin).
  • I have people to invoice…  grocery-shopping (urg!)… letter-posting… there’s some work I really want to finish for a good friend… and – of course – there’s the daily task of facilitating the education of our children (a task that doesn’t magically disappear just because I have amassed an intimidating to-do list!).
  • Oh yes… and, of course, we need to actually PACK (as in: our luggage).

Oh… and if that’s not enough, I’ve decided to host a friggin’ concert on the 18th October!  Complete with rehearsed songs… multi-media… art… cake… and a whole bunch of other stuff that needs organising and DO’ing!

So… without further ado… I shall now go and sleep.

I shall sleep and sleep… with the hope that the entire list (mentioned above) shall magically resolve itself and sort itself out… and I shall awake on the morning of the 14th… with (new) luggage packed… house sorted… clean, happy children… and money in the bank (from all the clients who had BETTER pay us on time!).

Yes.  A Magic Fairy will sort all of this out for me… on time.  And everything will be peachy.

Good night.