So – here is a quick note since I wrote my “Big News” post last night (announcing that the first issue of  “Mooncher’s Mind-Dump” is ready).

What’s happened since?

Well, this…

  • Nobody has purchased a PDF version of Mooncher’s Mind-Dump (although a few people have enquired about receiving printed copies).
  • I’m trying not to slink in shame down a smelly drain (poetic?) – because – what did I think would happen???

This is what I do.  THIS. IS. WHAT. I. DO.

I launch ideas (with great abandon and enthusiasm) – then, I (tentatively) tell a smallish group of people about it (whilst lamenting and agonising like Van Gogh must’ve whilst hacking off his ear)….

…and if EVERYONE doesn’t INSTANTLY rush off in a frenzy and LEAP excitedly on board to my new idea – I (immediately!) say to myself:  “See!?  It was just a stupid idea.  Loser… loser… loser with a capital “L”!!!”.

Yes, I know it’s not rational.  My Rational-Brain (which is far cleverer than my bleeding heart) keeps reminding me:

  1. You posted just before midnight last night.  Most of your local FB crowd were in bed.
  2. Of the international crowd – not everyone who even SAW your post advertised would have clicked on it.
  3. Of the crowd who actually DID click (the ones I’m really obsessing about at the moment) – there’s a few sub-categories:
  • Not everyone understands what a zine is.  For all they know, it could be like a boring brochure… or a poster… or I dunno what.
  • Even for those who *get* what a zine is – it doesn’t necessarily mean that they WANT a zine.
  • Even for those who want and read zines… they don’t necessarily need to like your art or your zine.  Maybe it’s just not their *thing*.
  • For those who DO want your zine… they may not want it in PDF format (and I agree with them!  PDF’s do zines a great disservice.  The best way to experience a zine is to receive it in the post – complete with a lucky packet of goodies.  That’s the RIGHT way to get a zine!!)
  • For those who would even be happy to receive a PDF version of the zine – maybe they don’t have a credit card (Gumroad only accepts payment by credit card)…  or maybe they don’t have an extra $1 to spare… or maybe it’s just too much of a bloody schlep… (?)

Yes… Yes…

I know… I know…

I should NOT take this personally.  

But – there remains a very big part of me… that’s moping around morbidly like a sad clown.

So – maybe someone out there has some wise words of wisdom??  What can I LEARN from this??

I’m now going to shut off this computer, tuck myself into a blanket next to the heater (our home feels like a fridge)… and read something calming.  And drink something warming.

Thanks for allowing me to splurb!  x