So – I finally finished my first ZINE!

Mooncher’s Mind-Dump:  Creative Fodder for Thinkers & Dreamers (like me).


If you read my previous post – you’ll understand how LONG it has taken me (as in 25 years!) to finally return to my first love:  Art & Zine-Making.  (Pronounced “zeen” – although Nick insists on saying “zine” as-in “wine”.  Grr.)

I’m still trying to work out ways to ship printed copies of the zine to interested folk around the world (I don’t know about you – but I love holding the “Real Deal” in my hands)… but – in the meantime… while I work out printing & shipping quotes and what-not… I’m selling the zine on Gumroad in a PDF format.

I don’t ask for much on this blog – and I really try NOT to push stuff on to my readers… but – this (gulp!) is a VULNERABLE place for me to be in right now.  Everything in me is screeching:

“You crazy lunatic!  Nobody is going to want your weird zine!  It only proves that you’re a fruit-loop, anyway!  Go and get a Real-Job!”.

I’m working on IGNORING those critical voices – and so, (whilst inwardly cringing)… I’ve decided to put myself “out there” and make this request:

If you are thus inclined…  I would be over-the-moon with glee if you supported Mooncher’s Mind-Dump.  You pay what YOU want for it – whatever you think it’s worth.  It’s currently listed as $1+ (so… umm… you won’t be able to pay less than a dollar for it – but hopefully that won’t put too many people off).

There are currently two options:  You can buy this month’s 48 page zine (and be done with it).  Or you can subscribe – and receive my madness in your inbox… once a month.

For the single-zine option… AND the subscription option, you pay whatever you feel my art is worth.

I will add (once I have the correct costings) an additional offer of having a printed version of the zine shipped to you.  But that option is not available yet.

Oh – and don’t click on the link to my mooncher website yet (mentioned on the Gumroad site) – I’m still finishing it… I’ll let you know when it’s done.



So, enough sales-pitch from me – if you want the very FIRST Mooncher’s Mind-Dump – just click HERE.

Oh – one more thing:  a quick warning / disclaimer.

Many of my friends / relatives and readers of this blog are from conservative backgrounds.  I need you to know that I have given myself permission (as “Mooncher”) – to be very real… very honest… and very, very un-edited.  Mooncher’s Mind-Dump is exactly that – a creative way of dumping whatever is on my mind… and sometimes, it’s not pretty.  Sometimes I discuss sensitive topics (like my religious background)… sometimes I rant… and, there are also a couple of rude words in there too.  (Not always though… there’s plenty of fun, nice, light-hearted stuff too)…


If you get easily offended – maybe my Mind-Dump is not for you (and that’s also 100% okay!!).

Okay.  That said.

I’m now going to press “publish” – and go and bite my nails in a hot bath.