With all the hysteria about fatness – and the tremendous shaming and blaming that saturates the media (and society at large)… I thought I’d share a rant with you.  But, instead of a wordy-rant… I thought I’d create an illustration instead.

For my one of my favourite blog posts on the topic:

 Being mean to fat people is pointless:  a good, old-fashioned plea for civility.

I don’t ever think it’s acceptable (ever!) to shame and humiliate those suffering from obesity.

Actually – I don’t think the Shame-Game ever works… with anybody.  The idea that we think that if we shame people enough… if we insult them enough… if we humiliate them enough… that we’ll somehow “force” them to change – is a thought which proves to me how sick we – as a society – have become.

I was going to say more – but the link I’ve posted above basically says everything.

There’s a lovely quote by J.K.Rowling that goes like this:

“Is fat really the worst thing a human can be?  Is fat worse than vindictive, jealous, shallow, vain, boring, evil or cruel?  Not to me”.

Here’s my scribble…

Fat Shaming