Warning:  Don’t read further if you’re squeamish about seeing dead bodies (the photos are at the end of the post).

Two weekends ago, Nick and I went to visit “Body Worlds” at Sci-Bono Discovery Centre in downtown Jozi (and we took the kids).

Wow!!  and Eeeek!!! – what a fascinating journey into the intricacies of the human body!

For those who don’t know, Body Worlds is an international travelling exhibition – featuring a number of dead donors (who specifically chose for their bodies to be deconstructed in this way).  The bodies are all kinda peeled… or opened up… and displayed in a way that visitors can get a real first-hand “understanding” about what goes on inside of us – and how stuff works.

Fascinating…. (and humbling!).  And challenging!!  (I need to take more care of this very precious gift:  my body).

My only regret is that we ended up going on a very busy Saturday morning – and was really difficult to really “take in” each exhibit… (too many people – too much going on… and also very distracting for the kids).

Joah was all rather unimpressed.  He was interested in the skeleton – and particularly the hand & finger bones.  Then he started getting bored and kept asking when he could take Nick to see the rest of Sci-Bono (in order to do the Science experiments).

Morgan – on the other hand – was fascinated… and had a lot of questions.  She has always been very interested in the human body – and in how we “work”.  Once, she was with me in the emergency room while we were getting Siya’s head stitched up (after he had fallen on a rock and gashed a small cave above his eye).  As the doctors were stitching Siya up, Morgan was desperate to weedle in to get a closer look.  She couldn’t get enough of the process and asked me to lift her up and so that she could see better.  Blood and gore don’t phase her at all (maybe she’ll be a doctor one day?).

One of the exhibits that had me captivated was this one – of a sawn-in-half head:

the head

Isn’t it amazing how fragile we are?  And that this mixture of bone… and skin… and sinew… and grey matter – comprises our thoughts… our knowledge… our feelings… our memories, our dreams and everything that makes us… “us”…?

Here’s one of a woman stepping out of her skin…


And another of a woman on a swing… (showing a bit more of the female reproductive system)…


Obviously – they have a lot more exhibits than these 3 – and there’s loads of fascinating information that you can read… photos you can study… and audio-guide thingies you can hire.

Nick and I had long discussions about what we’d seen – certainly excellent food for thought and a brilliant learning experience!  🙂

If you’re in Joburg and haven’t seen it yet… go and check it out!  They’ll be at Sci-Bono for the next 79 days…