Our faithful little Renault Modus... it only likes flat roads, but it's light on fuel!

Our faithful little Renault Modus… it only likes flat roads, but it’s light on fuel!

Our little family is about to have a small taster of the life to come!

We are hitting the road for 6 weeks.  Nick is needed on the set of Faan se Trein (a new movie being shot in a small Karoo town).  This job has been a huge scoop for our family (financially & also opportunity-wise).

Anyhoo… we’re leaving the house in the care of some friends…

And Nick is driving down to the Karoo… and the kids and I are embarking on a mini road-trip – starting in Mpumalanga and Limpopo (to visit my cousin)… then staying over in Bloemfontein… and driving down to the Karoo (staying in a guest house with Nick for a couple of weeks)… and then moving on to the coast… Plett… Knysna… who knows where else…  then back to the Karoo to fetch Nick… then back home to Joburg.

I guess it’s a mini taster of the life to come.

We’re not packing much…  we’re taking the kids, clothes, a few toys & art materials, our computers and our cameras… (and our light-on-fuel little car).  It’s not a 6-week-holiday…  it’s 6 weeks of the new kind of lifestyle that we’ve been wanting to live… a location independent lifestyle… a lifestyle of travelling, exploring & road schooling – but still working – and earning regular, consistent income at the same time.

So… on the 13th April, we’re outta here… (10 days from now).

And before we go, we have 3 toilets and 2 basins to install, 2 walls that need tiling, 3 that need painting…  shocks that need replacing… a rear indicator that needs fixing… (and Nick has 2 music videos to film & edit!!)… and… and… and…

Busy bees at the mo’….  but very excited bees nonetheless!  🙂