hit the road

We have set a date for our Big Fat Family Adventure to begin!

And by sharing this blog with you… I’m in fact taking a scary leap of faith and locking ourselves in to this “deadline”.

The date is:  Early August 2013!


  • Because Nick will have locked down and finished all of his huge, long-term film projects by then (and we’ll have a chunk of moola to invest into the first few months of our trip).
  • Because my youngest sister, Andrea, will be on school holidays – and we want to do a family history tour at our first stop (England)… to visit the places where my dad spent his early childhood – and to hunt down the stories (and the graves) of our ancestors.
  • Because the Edinburgh Tattoo is in August – and witnessing the amazing scene of hundreds of pipers piping and drummers drumming (complete with fireworks) has been on my bucket list forever!
  • Because we’ll have the house renovated & rented by that time.
  • Because my online (actual bona-fide, income-generating online-business will be launched & operating full-steam-ahead by August).
  • Because if we don’t flippin’ lock down a DATE and a GOAL and a DEADLINE… we can be humming and hah’ing… and IF’ing and maybe’ing and making a gazillion excuses… and faffing with little details… and one-day-when’ing indefinitely!  Enough already!  It’s time to DO this thing!!

August 2013 it is!

The countdown begins!  🙂