So… yesterday, we visited Sci-Bono.

The odd name comes from an abbreviation of “Science” and the TshiVenda word “Bono” for ‘vision’.

I don’t know why we haven’t heard loads of buzz about this lovely place – especially from other Jozi parents…(?)

Situated in Jozi’s New Town, it’s a massive, multi-storey centre – dedicated to getting kids (and kids at heart) excited about science!

Never mind Morgan and Joah learning something new – I learned so much during my visit there!

Here are some photos…


Morgan with one of the many interactive gadgets.


This was a sort of 3-d puzzle. You had to use different shapes of magnets to continue the pattern on the soccer ball…


This was probably the favourite spot for Morgan and Joah. Given the chance, they would have happily played there the whole day. The photo doesn’t do it justice. It’s actually a whole interactive building area. There are big foam ‘bricks’ that the kids can stack in order to build a life-sized pavillion. It has a crane, conveyer belts, transport carts… even a site office with hard hats. Everything moves and operates… my kids LOVED it.

Here are some more photos of the Building Section:


The idea is to load all the foam bricks into these little wheely-carts – and push them around to the areas where you want to build…


Morgan ‘building’…


Joah loading his building materials on to the crane bucket…


Morgan bashing down her carefully constructed wall…


They both enjoyed negotiating this mini crane… the task was to pick up the parcel and move it somewhere else…




They had an awesome section on electricity and how it works… fascinating, interesting and very interactive – (I could have spent hours there myself)…




In all – a lovely, educational morning… and loads of fun!


The learning continues…