Thought I’d occasionally share some of the spots where I draw.

All I need is a table and a chair… and I can set up my mini art studio.  Part of the reason why I’m not worried or concerned about our plans to travel-the-world indefinitely… is because I’m already so used to working anywhere.  I don’t need to be in one specific place in order to be productive (or to make money).  As a Lover-of-Diversity… this makes me happy.


This is my home studio.  Sometimes I draw here.  It has big windows which open up on to our green garden.

I like watching the Weavers build their nests – and I love it when a cool, fresh breeze sweeps in to refresh me.

I won’t always have this studio.  We’re selling our house soon, so, for now, I’ll simply savour these moments (until the next adventure comes along).  🙂