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After East London, we drove through to Plettenberg Bay where Nick’s family own a holiday home.

STORMS RIVER BRIDGE (with ice-cream)

We stopped off at the Storms River Bridge to gawk at the magnificent view and eat ice-cream (definitely not an excursion for someone with a fear of heights).  The kids thought it was really cool that the entire bridge vibrated when big trucks drove over it (there was another woman on the bridge who shrieked every time this happened).  Here’s some pics:




The bridge experience was followed by a few nuzzles and snuggles before we hopped back in to the car for the rest of the drive…  🙂



On our first day in Plett, we went to visit Birds of Eden.  (I strongly recommend a visit to anyone roaming around this part of the world!).  This is the 2nd time we’ve visited and… again… we were not disappointed.

Birds of Eden is the world’s largest free-flight, multi-species bird dome/aviary.  There are roughly 3000 birds in the sanctuary consisting of over 200 species.

It’s an awesome experience (and the kids loved it).  You walk an interesting, zig-zag route through the forest… over streams… underneath a waterfall… and everywhere you look, there are beautiful, exotic birds (many of these are ex-pets so they’re very friendly and tame).  Every time I visit, I think of my mother.  She loves birds – and I know she’d adore Birds of Eden.

We purchased a guide – and the kids ticked off the various species as we spotted them…  here’s some of what we saw:


Channel-Billed Toucan


Knysna Loerie


Golden Pheasant


Morgan befriending a Caribbean Flamingo


My two intrepid explorers…


Nick and I (Morgan took the photo)…

After Birds of Eden, we stopped off at the Peppermill Cafe where Nick and I chatted about life and dreams while the kids fed the hairy goats outside.


Anyone in the Plettenberg Bay / Knysna area… has to visit the Knysna Heads (at least once!).  We arrived for an early breakfast at the very divine East Head Cafe.  I love the vibe there.  Super-family-friendly (with cute little play area close to our table)… perfect views… and, of course, awesome food!

With our tummies full… we spent the rest of the morning digging around in the nearby rock pools… and were delighted to discover (lots) of enormous starfish!  Here’s some pics…



Then we went for a little explore… some caves… some precarious bridges… some steep pathways… and lots of beautiful views…




Well – of course – Nick had to take the kids fishing.  I’m proud to announce that they BOTH caught a fish!

fishi 3


Can you see Morgan’s fish?

fishing 2

Very happy kidlets…


So… I have a thing for raptors, and because of that, Nick and I have visited more than our fair share of raptor rehab centres around the country.

However – Radical Raptors is the first raptor centre I’ve been to where guests are encouraged to “hold” the birds (or, at least, the smaller and not-too-dangerous birds).

This is the first time that Joah and Morgan have had such close contact with raptors.  They both got to “hold” a Yellow-Billed Kite, a Barn Owl and a Spotted Eagle Owl.  Fun!!!


Joah and the Yellow-Billed Kite…


Joah and the Barn Owl (see the delight on his face)…


Morgan and the Barn Owl…


Me and the Barn Owl…


We weren’t allowed to *hold* this one (Black Eagle)…

And… apart from all that…

We swam…


And we ate lots of yummy food…


Nick’s cousin, Mike, cooked us a really YUM meal that night…

And we played games…

plett3And we frolicked in the sea…


I mean, what more could you possibly want from a great Summer Holiday?

Answer:  More Time!!!

Much more time.