2012 was a year of re-definition.

I will write more about that in a very long-winded post (coming soon!).  December turned out to be a really interesting month for me.  Firstly, I decided to make some gifts for some family and friends… and then I started an online business.

Firstly – I created some personalised stationery sets…  they came packaged all prettily… with mini pegs, pens, envelopes – and a collection of personalised notes (which I illustrated).  Each note contained a collection of quotes (that I hoped the recipient would enjoy).

They were simple gifts for me to make – and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed making them… here are some pics:









Anyway – after making all the personalised stationery… I moved on to another idea (which you can read about here)…. and I started an online business called Eezil!

I’ll share some more about Eezil in posts to come… but one of the primary reasons why I launched an online business (apart from genuinely enjoying the work) – is I want to create more location-independent income for our travels.  Eezil can be run and operated from anywhere.  I can create this work from anywhere in the world… as long as I have my laptop (and an internet connection).  I have awesome suppliers who ship finished goods directly to my customers.  All I need to do is e-mail the artwork to them.  Everything can be done online.

Which is exactly what I wanted!  Nick and I will both be generating an income as we travel… and the best part – is that neither of us need to be pinned down to a certain place (like an office or studio) or a certain town (or country) to be able to work.

But the best part is that I really love the Eezil concept… and I love “curating” kid’s creations.  It has always been one of my firm beliefs that life is way to short to waste away the days (and years) doing horrible work that you loathe.  If you hate your job… then change it.  It really is that simple.  Do the stuff you love.  Do the work you’re passionate about.  Earn money doing something that fulfils and inspires you. You might not be able to make the change instantly – but you have the option of making a decision to work towards changing things around.  It make take a month.  It might take a year.  But it IS possible!

By the way – I’m telling myself the same thing… “it IS possible!”.  For years, I have always hidden behind my “artist” persona – and have said things like:  “I’ll always suck at business… I can’t manage finances… I’m useless at sales and marketing… I can’t this… I can’t that…”.  But now I believe that it IS possible!  Even for a Creative Creature like me – no more excuses!

2013 is going to be the year of no more excuses!