A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by Quizzical Pictures and asked to be a judge / mentor for the SABC TV show called “Young Designers”.  

The concept of the show is typical of most reality TV competitions: 12 young designers are chosen to participate in the show…  they can be graphic designers, interior designers, fashion designers… and everything else in-between!

Every episode – they’re given a design task… and most of these design tasks require them to cross over in to other design disciplines that they may not be used to.  So… for example… fashion designers may have to conceptualise and design a new logo… or graphic designers may find themselves designing and sewing a dress.

Every week, a new judge/mentor oversees the episode.  The judge/mentor is considered an expert in a certain design discipline (ie:  flowers / interiors / fashion / architecture / etc)… and the judge/mentor needs to set a task for the participants to complete in a certain time-frame.  The judge/mentor also judges the work of the participants and chooses who wins… and who loses.  The ‘loser’ is eliminated from the show.  The winning designer who survives elimination for 12 episodes is the winner and is declared the best Young Designer (and receives a very nice prize).

Obviously, since the show hasn’t aired yet… I can’t tell you much about the designers… and who won, who lost… or even what the prize is.

But I can tell you it was great fun to shoot (although utterly exhausting).

Initially, I was approached to be the judge/mentor for the Re-cycling / Up-cycling challenge (because of my affiliation to WOODO).  However… at the last minute, the Illustration judge/mentor pulled out… and, because the producers at Quizzical Pictures knew that I was also an illustrator – they asked me to fill in.

So… yes… I was the judge/mentor for the Illustration Challenge…  but, because the day was SO(!!!) busy – I didn’t have time to take any photos of my shoot.  BUT… because they needed a new judge/mentor for the Re-cycling / Up-cycling challenge (they can’t use the same person twice) – I recommended they ask my mom (since she’s genius with re-cycling and up-cycling… after all, almost everything at Fisherman’s Village has been re-cycled or up-cycled).

Here’s some photos of the Re-cycling / Up-cycling challenge of Young Designers.  For those who live in South Africa, it will be broadcast on SABC 3 in the first few months of next year.
















The crew were quaffing enormous quantities of Red Bull to keep awake… they had been working an insanely busy schedule with very little sleep.


The Re-cycling / Up-cycling shoot at Fisherman’s Village went on until late into the night. The whole challenge took place in The Boma (which is mostly made from bits and pieces of stuff that my mom has scrounged and sourced over the years).

Anyway… so there you have it.  It was loads of fun!  But right now, I’m getting back to my illustration.  🙂