Wow – I can’t believe that my baby girl is 7!  In another 7 years, I’ll have a teenager – and the thought freaks me out just a bit…

Seven years ago, on the 17th November 2005, we were introduced to this little person:

baby beetle

And soon… she was ONE:

1And then… she was TWO:


And then, her baby brother arrived and she wasn’t too happy:

joah arrives

Here’s a photo of my mom holding the very brand-new-baby Joah… and a miserable Morgan is sitting in the corner on the lap of her Yia-Yia)

But she soon grew to love her little brother:

morgan and joah

And then… she was THREE:


And… then she was FOUR:


And then… FIVE:


And then she turned SIX:


And now… she’s SEVEN!

We celebrated her birthday in a really relaxed way.  Instead of the usual birthday party, we went to Acro Branch with her 2 cousins… and 2 of her friends (we also went to the Museum of Military History).  After a day filled with climbing and running and exploring and zip-lining… we went home and had a braai with a handful of friends.  Morgan watched her favourite movies, polished off a small jar of Nutella, played dress-up and danced to “Beauty and the Beast”.

She said she had a lovely day – and I’m glad.

But I still can’t believe that my daughter is seven…  

Here’s some birthday photos: