Okay, in my defence, almost everything you see in the photo above has been given to my children by other people (and usually on birthdays or Christmas).  I look at this lot… and I can identify the mini piano, the large dinosaur, the doll head and the Buzz Lightyear as items that I have purchased.  Oh, and I’m also responsible for quite a few of the plastic bugs and the Hot-Wheels cars.

This is a photo of the toys that my two small children have accumulated in their short lives.  This doesn’t include their books, jigsaw puzzles, clothes or art materials (which were photographed in a previous post).

I look at this photo and shake my head in amazement… how did we accumulate all this STUFF?? – and especially since I’m really not much of a shopper (actually – do my best to avoid malls and shops altogether).

I’m pleased to say that (since this photo was taken)… I have organised and boxed everything.  The kids selected a few of their favourite toys.  The rest was either boxed up for charity or organised (and priced) for the Yard Sale.  It seems like A.D.D. Heather can actually focus… (at times)… (if there’s enough incentive to do so).

Here’s a photo of the kids and I organising….

I also had a brainwave and decided to start up another blog called All this Stuff must GO! – as an additional way to flog my stuff to friends, family and folk-around-Joburg.  If you live in my area and are interested in scoring a few cheap deals, just click on the link.

In all… it’s good progress and just another small step towards our Big, Fat, Family Adventure!  🙂