Just so you know… I am still in the process of slowly purging our home and our lives of STUFF!

I haven’t given up… I labour on determinedly… and the main reason why I keep up these random posts (containing photographic evidence of my embarrassing mass of stuff) – is to hold myself accountable – in a sense – to YOU (reader of this blog)… so that I don’t slack – or give up (or burn the entire house down in a rage).

Slowly but surely… we are purging!

Step One:  To get rid of MOST of our stuff by early December… to sell it (yard sale)… and donate everything not sold.

Step Two:  Our (much smaller) remnant of stuff will be kept until we sell this house.  We still want the house to look homely and “lived in” – hence not getting rid of absolutely everything during phase 1 of The Purge.

Step Three:  Once the house has been sold, purge / sell / donate / chuck… the rest of the stuff.

Step Four:  Tiny portion of boxes, absolute favourite things and sentimental goodies will go and live in a storeroom at Nick’s parents’ home for an undefined period of time.

Step Five:  Leave on our adventure with only 4 small day-packs,  2 carry-on suitcases (for our laptops, cameras, etc – basically – our portable office)… and 2 check-in suitcases.

In a nutshell, the goal is to:  whittle down our mountain of stuff to fit in to a weeny cluster of suitcases that we’ll be able to carry… or wheel… where we’d like (on our own – without needing extra hands to help us).

Unbelievably – I’m still wading through my bedroom and dressing room crap.  Here are some pics:

Above:  Necklaces… I have a ‘thing’ for necklaces… and especially unique creations that have been hand-made… and especially if they’re made out of something recycled or unique.

Above:  Necklaces after the purge.  There are 2 necklaces in this picture that I’m not nuts about.  They aren’t really “me” (Hint: they’re silver.  I don’t like shiny things) – but I’m struggling to part with them because they were both gifts.  Is it wrong to get rid of gifts that relatives and friends have so kindly chosen?

Above:  Bracelets and brooches.

Above:  And here’s the bracelets and brooches that I know I’ll wear… except for the watch.  I haven’t worn a watch in years.  But I like the watch… and it’s my only watch… (another decision struggle).

Above:  Earrings – before (look at the small pile of random, single earrings in the top corner)

Above:  Earrings – after.

Above:  Rings.  My favourite is the multi-coloured, beady one that looks a bit like a flower.  I have another big ring that I love (hidden somewhere in our house amongst the clutter) – given to me by my friend, Tracy.  I want to keep that one too – but couldn’t find it to add to this photo.

Above:  Rings – after.  I like fun… colourful… hand-made rings.  I’m just a sucker for unique stuff.

So – there you go.  Today, I think I might just be brave enough to tackle… (wait for it)… TOYS!  Or maybe just the thought of going through the toys is enough to send me straight to bed with a jar of nutella.


So now you know.