We have lived at number 18 Consuenol Drive, Blairgowrie – for the past… umm… (trying to count)… 7 years – make that almost 8 years.

We moved in shortly after getting married in February 2005.  Morgan was born in November of the same year.  Joah was born in March, two years later.

I like our home.  I like that it’s “us”… I like that it’s spacious… I like that it’s got our creative stamp on it.  I like that there are memories in every room.  I like our big tree in the back yard.  I like that both my office and Nick’s studio open up to a lovely green, shady garden (especially in Summer).  I enjoy the yellow weavers, the hadedas and the loeries who frequent our trees.

I like our movie theatre room.  I like that we both work from home – and that even when Nick works late, he’s still close by.  I like the photos on our walls… and the sentimental goodies collected from our travels.

I like this home… and this neighbourhood… and the wonderful friends we’ve made here.  I like that there’s a coffee shop down the road that makes the best carrot cake and cappuccinos.  I like that my sister… and my mother… are just a short drive away.

But what I like even more is that this home of ours is funding the launch of our new lifestyle and our Family Adventure.

Yip! – we are selling up – and going.

October is Renovation Month.  As I speak, our house is full of dust, mess and paint.  Today Nick’s studio ceiling was re-done and our new upstairs bathroom is half-installed (the plumbers are returning in the morning).  Then it’s time for the painting… and the tiling… and a bit of work for the electrician… and viola!  In early November, our home will be officially For Sale.

Our season here is over.  It has been a good season and we have no regrets.  We’ve learned and we’ve grown.  We’re not running away from anything.  We’re not leaving Joburg because we hate it here – or because we believe the grass to be greener somewhere else.  We leave simply because it’s time… and because we’re adventurers at heart… and because both of us have longed for a life of travel and exploration.

Our home has provided us with lots of beautiful memories over the past 7 years… but now it’s time to lift all of our anchors and explore.

Here’s a few photos of some fond “home” memories…

Above:  I remember this day… Morgan and Joah decorated each other with koki pens.  I love his proud but naughty expression.

Above:  One of the many braais with family and friends in our back yard.

Above:  Slip ‘n Slide in the front yard… (always a hit with the kidlets).

Above:  Kids congregating in the lounge.

Above:  Morgan supplying her brother and cousins with yoghurt…

Above:  Chilling with Joah (when he was much smaller)… (obviously)…

Above:  Morgan, her Uncle Dino and her cousins making art…

Above:  Sparklers!!!

So, thank-you house… for the memories and the good times.  I hope that the new owners will enjoy you as much as we have… but the time has come for us to head out in to the great, wide world and explore a few new roads… and see where they lead…