OK, so I’m on a roll….

It’s a hot Sunday afternoon and I’m in the mood to hoof stuff out of my house and my life!   My last post talked about the kid’s arts & crafts stuff… now I’ve moved on to our bedroom.

I’ve just gone through bags and hats.  Admittedly, bags are a bit of a problem for me.  I like bags!  It was hard to choose which to purge.  The hats are mostly Nick’s problem.  He turfed out a few and kept his favourites.

This is our first purge (and it’s going to take us a few weeks to methodically go through the whole house).  We’re getting rid of the majority of our stuff – but still hanging on to “The Basics” for the next couple of months while we sell our house.

Before we head off on our Great Family Adventure, we’ll do a 2nd purge and get our stuff seriously downsized.  Yay!

Here’s my collection of bags….

I stared at these bags for a long time… and asked myself all sorts of endless questions… before I ended up choosing these:

The one on the right is my favourite.  Small & practical for every day purposes.  The brown leather one is actually a camera bag – and very handy.  The yellow one is my “going out somewhere fancy” bag.  The black one is an excellent quality leather and has withstood years of abuse – and I still like it (although seldom use it – so it might end up on the purge-list pretty soon).  Plus 2 big totes… and a crazy felt bag that I found in London (everyone remarks on that one).

Here’s hats…

And hats after Nick had purged….

The hat on the bottom right was actually a gift (to me) from Nick’s cousins.  It’s a combo – both a hat and a scarf.  When Nick and I were on honeymoon in Austria (in February), I desperately and deeply regretted the fact that I forgot to pack a warm hat and scarf.  Next time we journey to a snowy country – I want to bring it along.  I’m undecided about the mustard beret – I think I should add it to the purge-pile too.