The post I wrote last week – asking “Is there only ONE way?” was, by far, the most popular post that I’ve written on this blog thus far.  Statistically speaking, that is…  because (obviously) not everyone agreed with what I had to say.

By the way – just so you know – I really don’t mind when people disagree with me.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and everyone walks their own journey.  I guess the thing that gets me a bit heated up is when people insist that THEIR way is the only way… THEIR way is the “right” way… and that everyone else… everyone with a different world-view… everyone with a different opinion… or a different experience… is “wrong”.  That’s the part that gets me hot under the collar.

And for the record… I’m not anti-religion OR anti-science (just in case anyone leaps to that conclusion).  If I’m anti-anything, it is any arrogant “knowing” attitude that figures it has all the answers or holds “The Truth” about any topic (whether religion, science, the arts, technology, politics… whatever!).

So yes.  Since the last post, I’ve been pondering on this quite a bit.

Actually… I’ve been thinking about it a LOT.  I’m wondering why a post about questioners vs. knowers… a post about belief systems / religion…  would generate such a significant response… whilst blogs that I thought were thought-provoking like this one…  or interesting, like this one…  or cute… like this one – generated nary a grunt of acknowledgement.

Maybe the Big Questions matter more to us… maybe lots of people are questioning… maybe I just touched a nerve… (or maybe I simply chose a controversial heading).

Whatever the reasons… I’ve been trying to decide whether I should write more about “that” kind of thing… or not.

Believe me – I have lots to say on the topics of spirituality / religion / The Big Questions / politics / war / humanity…. (and everything in-between)…  but I hesitate to make these thoughts public.  Those types of conversations can become pretty heated and it’s not my intention to convert or convince anyone else to view things in the same way as me.

I just like sharing stories… and photos… and thoughts… and I like connecting with people.  Predominantly, that’s what this blog is about.

So… while I ponder some more on what this all means (and probably over-think it to death)…  here’s some interesting pictures of a mine dump in Springs (where we were shooting a section for the ONE BILLION RISING campaign).

There was lots of very… uh… colourful water… seeping into the ground.  I don’t know what it is.  I don’t know what it means.  But I did find it pretty enough to photograph.