I have always been a huge fan of hidden symbolism and mysteries.  I loved the scene in the Raiders of the Lost Ark where, in the old Egyptian map room, Indiana Jones slots the special crystal on the long staff… and waits for the sunlight to shine through the crystal… at just the right time… at just the right angle – and a beam of light shows the location of the hidden treasure.

We also have the Voortrekker Monument, here in South Africa, where once a year, on December the 16th at 12 noon, a perfect sun beam hits the cenotaph and highlights the words “Ons Vir Jou Suid Afrika”.

I’m fascinated by this kind of architecture… and especially any kind of historical architecture – which has hidden secrets and symbolism… and this includes monuments!

Very recently, a very clever artist, Marco Ciantanelli, has installed a very brilliant sculpture – with a hidden secret – in honour of Nelson Mandela.  It’s located at the site where Mandela was captured and arrested in 1962.

We went to visit it last week – and I’m so glad I did.

From a distance, it looks like a cluster of tall metal rods.  When you get closer, you realise that the rods have different shapes cut in to them.  Here’s a few pics…

From almost every angle… it looks like an interesting sculpture of some kind… but it’s only when you park your car and approach the sculpture from a specific direction, that things start taking shape….

Here’s a pic of the approach from the car park… you can also get an idea of how BIG this piece is….

The closer you get… a picture slowly starts taking shape….

Until finally… when you stand in one, very specific space… a small, marked rectangle… about a metre wide… that you see this:

How amazing is that?

I highly recommend that anyone visiting the Natal Midlands – go and view this spectacular piece of art!!