If you haven’t watched this video…  please, please watch it now.  It’s flippin’ brilliant!  Genius.

My friend, Tracy, posted this picture on my Facebook wall.

Just a note about Tracy – I have known her since she was 12.  We were best-best friends at high school.  This year, we both turn 40… so – it’s been a long and beautiful friendship.  Tracy “gets” me.  She also “gets” my dreams and aspirations.  I love that I can feel so comfortable and accepted in her company.

Anyway – so – she tagged me (to the pic above) on Facebook – and here’s how our conversation went:

Me:  I think those are the original angry birds.

Tracy:  Heath – those ‘angry birds’ are Judgemental Society – trying hard to hang on to what they have decided is ‘normal’ and living a life of misery as a result.  You know them well.

Me:  I DO know them well (I think we all do).  I hope I’m more like the big, friendly bird.  Even if it IS a bit goofy and odd.

Tracy:  Hey!  I am proudly the big, goofy bird.  And I happily surround myself with as many of them as I can find.  Think of the movie “Rio”.  Who wants to live in a world of spiteful little birds – all living day in and day out – perched on a wire?

Now – I can confirm this:  Tracy is definitely the big, friendly, (uncouth) bird.  She shrieks (instead of laughs).  You know when she enters the room. She has always been… uh… different.  She ignores the people who grumble and roll their eyes at her.  She doesn’t mind at all (that she doesn’t “fit in” with the status quo).  That’s what I love about her.

As for me – I would like (very much!) to be the big, goofy, clumsy, different bird… but, unlike that wonderful bird, I care way too much about what the small, grumpy birds are saying about me.  Unlike the big, strange bird – my feelings get hurt (and I get rather defensive) when the grumpy birds mock me or peck at my wings.

Oh – how I would LOVE to be a Water-off-a-Duck’s-Back kind of person.

You know?  Someone who simply doesn’t notice the nit-picking and the criticism – because they’re way too busy living life on their terms!

Baby steps, I tell you.

Baby steps.