Nick and I travelled to Nigeria a few years ago (with Joel, Nick’s business partner).

Here are some interesting pics that we took – whenever I look at these, I’m immediately transported back into the chaos of Kaduna & Abuja.

In spite of the fact that we have never had so many regular attempts at people trying to bribe us… fleece us… or financially manipulate us (more than anywhere in the world!) – I still enjoyed Nigeria (Nick – not so much).  I love the colours, the chaos, the noise – and the smiley, friendly people.

Above:  Nick, Joel & Me with our Nigerian Cast (we were in Nigeria to film AIDS awareness campaigns for US AID and Operation Blessing).

Above:  A market in Kaduna.  It was people-watching paradise for me…. I watched the goings-on for hours.

Above:  Nigeria is a country with a lot of Christians and a lot of Muslims and (very sadly) a lot of fighting that goes on between Christians and Muslims.  On this particular day, we were in a Muslim area – and I couldn’t resist taking this photo because of the colours…

Above:  Another interesting shot that I couldn’t resist – a man selling lots of potatoes!

Above:  One of the many apartment blocks in Kaduna.

Above:  We were sitting at a fast-food restaurant in Kaduna and this baby croc was in a bucket right next to our table.  It looked like it was serenely sleeping until Joel tried to touch it (almost took his finger off!)

Above:  While Nick and Joel were shooting, a number of the villages showed up to watch.  I, in turn, watched them…

Above:  A couple of friendly girls from the ‘hood…

Above:  I was sitting across the road – watching the world go by… when suddenly, it became windy and started to rain.  These pics are taken of Nigerians in action – quickly covering their wares and sheltering their goods from the downpour.  The picture directly below is of the same thing.

Above:  And finally, a pic of me on a bike!  Nigeria is teeming with motorbikes!  They’re the taxi of choice.  It wasn’t uncommon to see entire families of 4 or 5 people – squished on to one motorbike!  I loved the experience though – admittedly, at times a bit scary.  Nigerian road rules are a tad… uh… relaxed.