1. Marry the man of my dreams.
  2. Give birth to two, gorgeous, healthy children.
  3. Go on a wonderful adventure with my family… where we sell up, pack up and work on the road as we travel for as long as we can afford to!
  4. Host a “Songs & Stories” evening
  5. Record my songs and distribute them freely for anyone who likes my style and/or musical stories.
  6. Publish a book – even if it means self-publishing… doesn’t matter… just finish the book and publish it!
  7. Finish the script I’ve been working on… !!
  8. Swim with dolphins.
  9. Go husky dog sledding somewhere snowy and remote.  Sleep in a cabin (also somewhere snowy & remote).  Cabin needs to have log fire, hot chocolate and snuggly husband.
  10. Swim in those hot, steaming lakes surrounded by ice (is it Greenland?).
  11. Ride the Siberian Express.
  12. Go tobogganing somewhere beautiful and snowy.
  13. Watch a shuttle launch.
  14. Go snorkelling in Hawaii.
  15. Learn how to snow ski!
  16. Go parasailing.
  17. Jump off a very high bridge.
  18. Attend a concert (anywhere!) where Bobby McFerrin is performing live with a symphonic orchestra.
  19. Speaking of symphonic orchestras – I want to attend a concert… with full orchestra… huge choir… and great seats – and I want to listen to something like ‘O Fortuna’ – or ‘Handel’s Messiah’ – or something equally wondrous… (I will cry like a baby – guaranteed!)
  20. Enjoy a White Christmas with my husband and children… (don’t care where).
  21. Watch a London West End show.
  22. Watch a Broadway show.
  23. Go to Disney World.
  24. Take my kids to Disney World.
  25. Have somebody else pay for me to travel first class (on a long-haul flight!).
  26. Own a grand piano (but only when my nesting season returns).
  27. Make a film with Nick. 
  28. See the Northern Lights.
  29. Live on another continent.
  30. Go to a really fancy masked ball… preferably somewhere exotic – like Venice!
  31. Do a treetop canopy tour – in some exotic jungle somewhere.
  32. Go scuba diving.
  33. Swim with a Whale Shark.
  34. Dive a wreck.
  35. Travel down the Amazon River… in a houseboat.
  36. See Africa’s Big Five (Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo & Leopard) in their natural habitat.
  37. Learn how to hip-hop dance.
  38. Visit Paris… and sit at a cafe… and eat pastries and drink coffee… and visit the Louvre… and go up the Eiffel Tower.
  39. Visit Victoria Falls.
  40. Visit Niagara Falls.
  41. Take my kids snowmobiling… somewhere flat (like Ohio)…. (*hint, hint to Ohio friends*)
  42. Go on a cruise – preferably around the Caribbean.
  43. Visit one or more of the Greek islands.
  44. Abseil off a cliff.
  45. Sing a jazz standard accompanied by a Big Band.
  46. Experience the Rio Carnival.
  47. Attend the TED conference – as a speaker!
  48. (Eventually… and only when I’m ready to re-nest)… own a home somewhere beautiful – where every morning, I open my curtains and see something beautiful… whether it’s the sea… forests… mountains… a river… I don’t mind, as long as it’s beautiful.
  49. Watch and listen to hundreds of pipers piping at the Edinburgh Tattoo.
  50. Be happy.