OK – this is a kinda fun post…  I have been going through mountains of old photos and have really been enjoying the nostalgic trip down memory lane.  One of the funny things I noticed – is how many photographs cropped up where Suzanne and I are dressed in identical clothing!  My mom used to sew most of our outfits herself – and I now find it rather funny that Soo and I (polar opposites from the start) were always forced to match!

Mother!  I know you read this blog!  What do you have to say for yourself!!?

Here’s the evidence:

Matching swimming costumes!

Matching pink dresses! (Soo on the left… me on the right… cousin Jenny in the middle)

More matching dresses (with Bielie from down-the-road in the middle)…

On our way to a party with complete matching outfit… including caps, bobby socks and red shoes!!

One-piece sets – with matching doek!!

And even, on occasion, when she’d buy us clothes (instead of sew them from scratch) – she purchased matching outfits!!! (and what is with my awful hairdo?)

Okay – I’ll forgive Mom for this. This is a school photo. We had to match… kinda. I always laugh at this photo… we look like two of the most miserable, wretched children alive… (must have been ’cause I hated school so much!)