There are brilliant brilliant… talented… forward-thinking artists around the world (and here in South Africa) – who happen to like painting and drawing on public spaces.

I – for one – am utterly delighted when I see an interesting work of art in a public space… and would much, much rather see well-done street art — than enormous billboards and posters that the big brands and their ad agencies put up all over the place.  I would also much rather enjoy street art than the morbid headlines that the big newspapers hang on every lamp-post!  I can’t speak for other cities – but certainly, in Johannesburg, we are assaulted daily with ugly, depressing, branded imagery… and it’s ALWAYS trying to sell you something.  Whether it’s trying to sell us products, services or newspapers!

Street art doesn’t try to sell you anything… but it often has a message nonetheless…  here’s some interesting pieces that appeal to me:

One of my favourite groups of forward-thinking artists is Write on Africa.  This is their philosophy:


We believe that inspiration creates change and if we can create inspiration, we can therefore create change.

The aim is to rejuvenate with colour and inspire the youth, each other and ourselves.  Write on Africa is a platform for artists to create the change they wish to see.