I have decided that Saturday mornings need to be dedicated to art!  This is for the benefit of my kids… and for the benefit of ME!  Life has a habit of becoming so busy and demanding, that we lose track of the stuff we love, the stuff that makes us come alive… and we spend all of our time on the things we “ought to” do… the things we “should” do… the things we’re expected to do.  Humbug to that!

So – from now on, Saturday mornings will be ART time… lots of joint, creative projects (and, as usual, I have a gazillion ideas).

Here’s what we did this Saturday:


It started out with just Morgan and me… the two of us doodling on little square blocks of wood…

Morgan loves the opportunity to paint – so this was just up her street….

Soon, Morgan was joined by her cousins – Danni and Gabi (and their dad, Dino)…

And then Joah wanted “in” on the action too!!

Spare art supplies…

Lot’s of wonderful, creative MESS! 🙂

The final, wonderful result on our lounge wall!

A combined effort from 4 kids… happily displayed. (Got to do more of these Art Saturdays!!)