Oh joy!  Cape Town’s marvellous Neighbourgoods Market is now in Jozi too!

I strongly recommend that all suburbanites – who only ever visit the malls – abandon their comfort zones and make their way to Braamfontein on a Saturday morning – you will not be disappointed!


Morgan seems excited about it! 🙂

The entrance to the market has a pineapple display! Just my kind of random thing!

… and a big, long table where everybody eats the yummy things they’ve purchased from the stalls…

Chocolate! Yummy!

Loads of different flavour smoothies! 🙂


Ice cold lemonade – Nick’s a big fan!

I have eaten these pies… the BEST pies… EVER!

Mushroom kebabs… oh joy! oh joy!

Proteas are my favourite flower! I think they are SO beautiful!

Lots of exquisite cupcakes…

With all of the colours, the flavours, the people and the lovely vibe… WHY, oh why would one choose to shop at a mall? 😉