Here, at the Hat-Hub in Johannesburg… I have a small mountain of beautifully printed books that I can ship world-wide (click here to see a preview of the book).

There are 2 options to choose from:

Option 1:  THE NO-FUSS BOOK  (R170 / approx. USD$12 – excluding shipping costs)

This would just be the book.  Taken straight from the box in our office, packed in a bubble-wrap envelope and shipped off to you (wherever you may be in the world).  No frills, no extras… book only.

Option 2:  THE SIGNED HATTY-VERSION (R250 / approx. USD$ 18 – excluding shipping costs)

This is a special little made-with-love parcel.  It comes signed, dated and with a personalised inscription (if you’d like one).  There’s a little “Letter from Hat” in the back and it has an illustrated bookmark.  I package it pretty and send it with love… 🙂

If you would like either one of these Hat-book versions… please fill in the form below.

When you click “submit”, the form will be automatically e-mailed to me… and, based on your postal address and the number of items you’d like to order, I’ll calculate your fee (including shipping)… and will send you an e-mail with your final price… plus banking details and secure payment links.

NB:  This form-filling-order-system is a temporary solution while I set up our much faster (and far more convenient) online store… which is – alas – taking longer than expected!

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