Okay!  So!!!

Here’s the quick low-down on how to get a book (wherever you may be in the world).

There are 4 different book options:

  1. The No-Fuss Book (shipped from South Africa)
  2. The Signed Hatty-Version (shipped from South Africa)
  3. The Digital Edition (PDF format – downloaded from Gumroad)
  4. The Amazon Edition (printed by Amazon’s clever print-on-demand machines).

Here’s the lowdown on all 4 options:


  • The NO-FUSS book is *just* the book.  No frills.  No signatures.  No letters, extra art and what-not.
  • It costs R170 (approximately USD$12) excluding shipping fees.
  • If you’d like to order one or more of these – click here.


  • This is the personalised version that’s a bit more special.  It’s signed – and I’m happy to add a personalised inscription too.  There’s a “letter-from-Hat” tucked into the back, an illustrated book mark – and gets the pretty-parcel treatment 🙂
  • It costs R250 (approximately USD$18) excluding shipping fees.
  • If you’d like to order one or more of these – click here.


  • This is the quickest and most cost-effective version to get hold of.  And, of course, it offers instant gratification for all the impatient folk who don’t want to wait for books in the mail.
  • You can nab the digital version off the Gumroad site by clicking here.
  • I have decided to use a “choose your own price” option for this digital version to provide an opportunity for the folk who might not be able to afford my book at this stage.  If you type in “0” – you’ll get my digital book for free… but I am *hoping* that the generosity of the peeps who *can* afford the book – will balance the scales somewhat.


  • For this, I have used Amazon’s print-on-demand service (Createspace).  Basically, Amazon prints the book… ships the book… processes the payment… and I get a royalty.  This is all done in North Carolina and the book does not pass through my hands at all.
  • This is probably the best option for my international customers who aren’t particularly bothered about receiving the personalised Hatty book – (since it may save you some money on shipping).
  • The Amazon version (although fantastic quality) is slightly different to the books I have here at the Hat-Hub:
    • the paper used is a bit different
    • the books printed here in South Africa have images printed on the inside covers (whereas the Amazon version has blank, white pages on the inside covers)
    • there’s a spot-varnish print effect on the South African version (that the Amazon version does not have)
  • Amazon sets the price of the book – and told me that, for an 80 page, full-colour, 10X7″ book… I could not charge less than $15.78 (so I rounded it off to $16).  I receive a royalty of $3.29 from Amazon – every time somebody buys one of my books from there.  If people choose to buy my book from the Createspace E-store – I get a royalty of $6.49.  You will see that the list price is set at $16… but Amazon determines whether it will sell my book for less than the list price (at the time of writing – I see that it’s currently on offer for $12).

PS:  If you DO decide to buy from Amazon… I would be hugely grateful if you wrote a review.  The more people who shine a light on my book on Amazon… the more opportunity it has to be *seen* by others.  The cons of Amazon Createspace is – of course – the small royalty (in comparison to what I could earn from my OWN printed books).  However – the PROS of Amazon (which I could NEVER match)… is just sheer exposure (and especially if people start commenting and reviewing my book).

One more thing…

There’s also the option of ordering a box of books from me (if you have a little store or a place that might be interested in selling them)…  AND… there’s also the option of buying the books directly from me (especially when I’m speaking at events or hosting workshops)…. AND… there’s the option (for Joburgers) to pop over to my house for a cup of coffee – and you can collect your book at the same time.

Just drop me an e-mail (heather@themadhat.co.za) if you want to chat about other ways to get hold of (or sell… or stock)… the book.